Candy floss machine

Supplied with 50 straws and coloured &flavoured sugar mix for 50 servings with operator (2.5 hours) or with operator (5 hours)

Popcorn machine

Supplied with oil, popcorn kernels, flavouring spices and brown paper bags With operator (2.5 hours) or with operator (5 hours)

Slush Machine – 2 barrel

Supplied with 2x 10 litres of juice, 50 cups and straws with operator (2.5 hours) or extra juice and cups – with operator (5 hours)

Snow Machine

Supplied with 10 litres of snow mix (great for Frozen or Winter wonderland party)

Bubble Machine

Provides enormous amounts of bubbles for kids of all ages to enjoy (includes bubble fluid)

Electronic ride on’s – Per set of two

Animals, planes, cars etc. No coins required, operated by push button.

Marie biscuit decorating

Marie’s, icing in colours, sweets and sprinkles, set on tables

Pony rides

1 and half hours of rides on chocolate with a groom to lead and helmets for safety

Face Painter - 1 hour 30 minutes

Our expert face painter will transform the children into their favorite characters

Party Games or Water wars – 1 and 1/2 hours

A facilitator – playing old favorites with the kids : incl: hoola hoop competition, parachute, musical chairs, and others OR water gun and water balloon wars

Add – pass the parcel – all wrapped together for this fun game or individual prizes/child

Craft and facilitator

The below prices are for 10 children (minimum) R50 per child over an above

3 excellent crafts to choose from – including a facilitator to help kids create a lovely gift to take home

* Sand art kids (individual) colours included
* Wooden bedroom door hanger -Included are boy or girl embellishments
* Individual Card making kit Includes a blank card with embellishments -Girl or boy – Match party theme


Invitation design

Electronic invite – custom design in any theme – for you to email pdf and WhatsApp
Includes design and a few touch ups, re design and further touch-ups

Roaming Clown 1 hour 30 minutes

Our professional clown, The clowns balloon sculpting skills are fantastic.

Balloon Caricaturist - 1 hour 30 minutes

Balloon caricaturists/modelers. Swords, Tiara’s, animals….whatever …

Magician – 30 min show

Suitable for children up to about age 10 yrs. – for lots of fun and laughs


Any theme! Filled with sweets and toys

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